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Wave Blends

Project Details

In 2023, the Wave Naturals brand was sold to a Massachusetts company. Since the transfer of ownership, Wave Naturals changed it's name to Wave Blends and the new owners wanted to give the brand a refresh. Their plans for the brand included creating all new formulas for their CBD tinctures and balm product, requiring a new packaging suite and new brand personality to match. The challenge was making sure that this new branding was still recognizable to Wave's tried-and-true customer base.

Wave Blends Wave Motif.png
The Mood Board

The need for a modern and vibrant look paired with an eco-conscious brand philosophy for Wave Blends translated to a moodboard full of vibrant blues, natural tans, and soft oranges, and a touch of greens. The moodboard blended modern coastal imagery and bold new text trends to create a memorable, stand-out brand palette. These components contributed to a growing theme of organic design for the Wave Blends iconography and brand imagery.

The Tinctures

Wave Blends’ flagship products and bestsellers are their CBD extract tinctures. These new tinctures are now featuring a new formula which prompted us to create new designs that would generate interest from every angle and entice consumers to learn more. The label features some swirly patterns to insinuate water without being too on the nose. Each bottle also features a simple custom icon to reflect an element of nature that closely resembles the use case of each product.

JSB_Wave_Circle Graphics-03.png
JSB_Wave_Circle Graphics-02.png
JSB_Wave_Circle Graphics-01.png
Cbd Roll-On

Wave Blends' CBD balm created for topical application also needed a new look to match the new tinctures. To make sure the suite of products looks familiar to their customer base after the new rebrand, we carried the same elements to the balm.

Website Landing Page

The Wave Blends consumer is an easygoing optimist that values organic, handcrafted products from socially responsible brands; Wave's new brand identity mirrors this energy perfectly. Because of Wave Blends’ new modern yet familiar spirit, our design team focused on nature-inspired graphic motifs that inspire relaxation and peace of mind. We made sure to carry these elements through to their new landing page.

Wave Blends Website Mockup - No Background.png

Click Here to see the website in action!

Stay Tuned...

Wave Blends is currently in the process of finalizing its packaging design and getting ready to send it to production. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to be notified when you can purchase these new products! Want to see the original packaging design project we created for Wave Naturals before their rebrand? Check out our portfolio archive here.

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