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Our Process

Simple Solutions Require Complex Processes.

Our team of experts ranges from brand designers and strategists to copywriters and photographers, utilizing an extremely streamlined process to ensure the highest quality deliverables.

Jade Stone's process is characterized by refinement, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The true art of design discovery lies in the ability to synthesize all of these diverse elements into a cohesive and elegant whole.

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Project Launch Meeting

We begin all of our new projects by first meeting with you and your team to gain a deep understanding of the wants, needs, desires, and aspirations of your brand and business.


This involves engaging in thoughtful and candid conversations for roughly 30-60 minutes, exploring your tastes and preferences, and discovering the essence of your unique style.


Discovery Decks

Once this understanding has been established, the next step is for us to engage in a process of research and exploration, delving into the worlds of art, architecture, fashion, and beyond to pull inspiration for your overall visual identity. Here, the aims are to gather inspiration, to uncover new ideas and perspectives, and to refine the design vision.


We will then present you with 2 unique discovery decks for you to choose from. Depending on your choice of services, these decks can include, but are not limited to:

  • The overall brand look and feel in a mood board

  • Color hierarchy/color palette

  • Typography and typography system in use

  • Brand graphics/icon styling

  • Stock photography/photo styling

  • Potential packaging styles

  • Your brand strategy at a glance

  • Competitor research and profiles

  • And more...


Initial Drafts

Once you choose your final direction, and provide feedback if necessary, we will utilize this information to create the preliminary design sketches for your logos, brand icons, patterns, and/or brand graphics.

We will then go through the set number of revisions included in your package and refine these designs if needed.

Once the final designs are created, we'll package up all of your new logo and brand files, then work on the initial drafts of any additional design projects within your package (such as packaging, website, etc.)


Final Brand Package

After all of the design and branding elements have been solidified, we will compile all of the stylistic and strategic details into a final Full Brand Identity Book, Style Guide, or Style Sheet depending on your chosen brand package. Having one of these guides ensures brand synergy, trust, and cohesiveness through all mediums, from your website to your print materials, social media, and more.

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