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​​Nuage is a luxury cannabis accessory brand created for an elegant, feminine clientele. Founder Andrew Nunes envisioned a brand that cannabis consumers would be proud to represent - one that celebrates cannabis instead of conceals it. We worked closely with Nunes to design the entirety of the Nuage brand: the logo, color palette, font pairings, website design, and packaging design.


Brand Design | Logo Design | Packaging Design | Website Design



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The Nuage logo features a custom-made sans serif font that explores both light and flowing elements while commanding attention with rigid lines to complete each letterform. It highlights the best of what Nuage has to offer: an enchanting cannabis experience and a worthy representation of its consumers.

Because Nuage was created for a feminine clientele, we wanted to keep its color palette soft, but memorable. 

Inspiration for the seductive Nuage color palette struck our lead designer in the New York Public Library's Rose Reading Room. The light, airy pink and blue tones of the artwork adorning the ceiling perfectly captured the essence of Nuage, French for "cloud". To complement the subtlety of the blue and pink tones, we added a shimmering gold to bring Nuage's luxurious branding to the next level.

Made for Jade -  (35).png

Final Remarks

The Nuage packaging design draws from the light, airy color palette in a bold and modern way. It utilizes the darker tones of pink and blue, accented by subtle gold details, to allure Nuage consumers. Nuage’s staple products are its rolling papers and cones, which are adorned with a branded cone band. They affirm Nuage’s customer experience at every step of the journey.

After the Nuage project was finalized, we created two additional packaging designs for a conceptual CBD skincare product from Nuage's parent company, CBDisco. These designs incorporate elements from CBDisco's branding, helping CBDisco's team to visualize potential brand expansion.

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