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Wave Naturals

Project Details

After a relaunch in May 2022, Wave Naturals required a fresh packaging design that captured the essence of its brand. The Wave Naturals consumer is an easygoing optimist that values organic, handcrafted products from socially responsible brands; Wave Naturals mirrors this energy perfectly. Through philanthropy, transparency, and intimate service, they have established a glowing reputation that needed a packaging design to match.

Project Details Continued...

Because of Wave Naturals’ calm and serene spirit, our design team focused on soft, flowing motifs that inspire relaxation and peace of mind. We utilized Wave Naturals’ classic blue- and white-toned color palette to create enticing packaging designs that speak to their target market. After deliberation with the Wave Naturals team, we settled on a wavy 70s-inspired psychedelic pattern with a modern twist. While the unique pattern invokes customer curiosity, the uninhibited logo increases brand recognition.

The Mood Board

The serenity and peaceful philosophy of Wave Naturals translated to a moodboard full of vibrant blue and soft white tones, modern coastal imagery, and bold new text trends. These components contributed to a growing theme of organic design for the Wave Naturals tinctures and balms. We created one moodboard for each of their tinctures - one for their Anytime Blend, and one for their Nighttime Blend. We created a strong distinction between the two while still emanating the original Wave Naturals packaging concepts.

Daytime Moodboard_edited.jpg
Nighttime Moodboard_edited.jpg
The Tinctures

Wave Naturals’ flagship products and bestsellers are their CBD extract tinctures; they are used to treat common ailments, which prompted us to create 2 designs that would generate interest from every angle. We added a beautiful silver collar to the tincture bottles, giving off a more subtle feeling of opulence in daily life. We designed the Anytime Blend tincture to reflect a brighter and more vibrant pattern consistent with the energy it provides to the consumer. For the Nighttime Blend tincture, we brought a darker palette into the design to represent deep, restful sleep.

CBD Balm and Roll-On

Wave Naturals' CBD balm created for topical application also needed a new look. To make sure the suite of products looks familiar to their customer base after the new rebrand, we carried the same elements and color palette as the Anytime tincture to the balm. The rebrand also inspired Wave Naturals to develop a new addition to the Wave Naturals product family - a CBD roll-on. For the label of this new product, we matched the design principles applied to the Anytime Blend tincture.

WN-Roll On Mockups - Full Image 02 - Jade Stone.jpg
WaveHemp_BalmJar01 no background.png
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