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Wave Naturals

In May of 2022, Wave Naturals required a fresh packaging design that captured the essence of its brand. Their previous packaging lacked the personality and visual interest that they felt the brand should exude. Their previous packaging had gotten them this far, but they were on a mission to continue to scale and grow their brand.


Packaging Design




Because of Wave Naturals’ calm and serene spirit, our design team focused on soft, flowing motifs that inspire relaxation and peace of mind. We utilized Wave Naturals’ classic blue- and white-toned color palette to create enticing packaging designs that speak to their target market.


After deliberation with the Wave Naturals team, we settled on a wavy pattern with a slight gradient behind it. This pattern emulates their previous packaging but brings an otherwise hidden element to the forefront. While the unique pattern invokes customer curiosity, the uninhibited logo increases brand recognition.

Wave Naturals’ flagship products and bestsellers are their CBD tinctures - their Anytime Blend and their Nighttime Blend which prompted us to create 2 designs that would generate interest from every angle while communicating 2 distinct uses.


We added a beautiful silver collar to the tincture bottles, giving off a more subtle feeling of opulence in daily life. We designed the Anytime Blend tincture to reflect a brighter and more vibrant pattern consistent with the energy it provides to the consumer. For the Nighttime Blend, we brought a darker palette into the design to represent deep, restful sleep.

WaveHemp_BalmJar01 no background.png

Final Remarks

Shortly after our redesign of the Wave Blends packaging, the Wave Blends team caught the attention of a local dispensary who just acquired its manufacturing license. As we were closing out our project with the Wave Naturals team, they signed a deal with the dispensary and became the first brand in the brand family under the new manufacturing license.

Once the new dispensary purchased the Wave Naturals brand, they decided to rename the company to Wave Blends and re-formulate the products to enhance their benefits while releasing new products under the brand. It was then that the Wave Naturals team recommended we take over their second brand refresh in 2023.


View our most recent work with the new Wave Blends here.

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