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Mari Jane Packaging

Project Details

Mari Jane is a high-end, bespoke packaging company based in California. They provide innovative packaging solutions for luxury cannabis brands around the country. Mari Jane was craving a new website design to show off its luxe, modern aesthethic.

JSB_Mari Jane_After-Landing-Page.jpg
After Design

We then rethought the hover effects and overall aesthetics of the site, bringing more wonder and movement to the new site. We also curated a color palette that was professional, high-end, and gender-neutral to appeal to all audiences. By making these changes to the Mari Jane website, the Mari Jane brand can finally match the bespoke, high-quality solutions it provides its own clients.

Before Design

Mari Jane's original website was built 7+ years ago and they were excited to update the content to match their more bespoke aesthetic. The first task was to update the imagery. We curated a selection of high-end stock photography to replace the photography that was on the old site.

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