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Our Story

​Sophisticated design, extravagant language, and groundbreaking luxury define the new wave of cannabis branding, and we are at the forefront.

At Jade Stone, we believe that if you seek traditional cannabis designs, you perpetuate negative stereotypes that mask the cannabis industry's true identity: a collection of intelligent individuals who understand the true value of health and wellness, and have a lust for upward momentum.

We push the boundaries of the cannabis industry with every project, and yours could be one of them.


Jade Stone is an inclusive Massachusetts-based, female-owned company. At Jade Stone, all voices are heard.

Green Leaves

If You're Not a Trendsetter, You're a Conformist.

Meet Katie

Katie Motta, Founder and CEO of Jade Stone, grew up with a negative stigma around cannabis due to influence from her family and friends. However, after doing her own research and experimenting with different CBD products, she found that cannabis holds infinite benefits when one is properly educated and uses it responsibly.

Following her personal revelation, she noticed a lack of expertise in branding and marketing cannabis products in a way that de-stigmatizes cannabis and appeals to its modern, refined users. Thus, she founded Jade Stone to create a new wave of cannabis branding that breaks down derogatory stereotypes and replaces them with an optimistic and curious mindset.

Katie Motta is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with a degree in Commercial Photography. After graduation, she pivoted her career mindset to launching a branding and marketing agency that utilized her skills and design background to create innovative designs for her clients. Her mission is to construct groundbreaking design trends to improve her clients' brand recognition, raise their profits, and establish them as industry leaders.

Katie Motta on Black and White Film

Talk of the Town

I chose to work with Jade Stone because of their incredible one-on-one customer support, fast turnaround and the creative design savants on their team. 

Andrew N.

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