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High End Design

For Brands with High Standards

Jade Stone Branding was created out of a need for more high-end, modern, and feminine-focused branding in the cannabis/CBD space. Even though cannabis has been legal in many states for some time, there is a lack of focus on design that caters to women and canna-curious consumers.

Jade Stone is an inclusive Massachusetts-based, female-owned company. At Jade Stone, all voices are heard.

Jade Stone exists to eradicate outdated stereotypes and create a new appreciation of cannabis culture for everyone, stoner or sober. Since creating Jade Stone, our talented designers have worked with various clientele to modernize their cannabis brands while focusing on bespoke, luxury branding. 

The People of Jade Stone

Katie Motta


Katie Motta is the founder and CEO of Jade Stone. When Katie was introduced to the cannabis space, she saw a lack of consideration for feminine and canna-curious consumers.


Fitting into both categories herself, Katie set out to modernize the cannabis space and create welcoming environments for experienced and new consumers.


Katie has a degree in Photography & Related Media from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she specialized in product, fashion, and lifestyle photography.


She now uses her keen artistic eye to break stereotypes in cannabis design.

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