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CEO Spotlight: An Interview with Katie Motta

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As the world of cannabis and CBD expands into new niches, establishing a distinctive brand is crucial for success. We recently sat down with our founder and CEO of Jade Stone and discussed how Jade Stone emphasizes exceptional branding services for the cannabis industry. In this interview, we dive deep into the branding strategies that set Jade Stone apart.

1. Building Jade Stone

We began this interview by exploring how Jade Stone came to be. Katie Motta wanted to create an agency that meets the demands of the largest growing segment of cannabis users: women. She believes that emerging CBD and cannabis brands need to have specialized branding to compete with the oversaturated market.

"Study the market, study the product category you’re in, and see what most others are doing. Then do the opposite."

Jade Stone had a clear vision from day one. Katie focused on creating a brand that speaks to a feminine client in a timeless way to engage the modern cannabis consumer. This early investment in branding has proven to be a valuable asset, ensuring consistency and cohesiveness as the company grows.

One example of this process was creating the name of the agency. Katie revealed that this was a challenge. She wanted a name that hinted at the cannabis industry's green theme without using cliché terminology. With the goal of exuding luxury without pretentiousness, "Jade Stone" emerged as the perfect fit. Katie applies this same thinking to her clients to create unique, fresh branding.

2. Setting Apart from the Competition

Pink, blue, and cream outer packaging mock up for CBD sleep tinctures.
CBD tincture packaging designed by Jade Stone.

Jade Stone distinguishes itself by focusing on high-end aesthetics, a sharp contrast to the often kitschy branding that is found in the cannabis industry. They offer services to curate a well-researched brand identity that doesn't rely on old tactics, including:

  • Brand identity guides

  • Custom, compliant packaging

  • Website design and development

Additionally, Katie limits the number of clients Jade Stone takes on at a time, prioritizing quality over quantity. She states, "We pride ourselves on our exceptional client communication". Dedicated time to a client and their project is how Jade Stone is able to take their processes to the luxury level by providing the utmost attention and care.

Pro Tip: Schedule a consultation with Jade Stone today to learn how they can meet your specific branding needs.

3. Breaking stereotypes and stigmas

A core facet of Jade Stone's brand identity is its mission to challenge stereotypes and stigmas associated with the cannabis industry. Their commitment to high-end aesthetics and avoidance of clichéd imagery is a conscious effort to redefine how cannabis is perceived.

As an often white and male-dominated industry, some women and minority groups struggle to find spaces and companies that appeal to them. Katie is using her designs to help create brands that serve underrepresented groups of cannabis consumers.

In a world where misconceptions about cannabis persist, Jade Stone's dedication to breaking stereotypes and stigmas is an inspiring example. Their work highlights the power of impactful branding to combat challenging societal perceptions and pave the way for a more accepting future.

4. Why Build Successful Cannabis Brands

Two aluminum cans, one rose colored and one off white with a floral shadow pattern background.
THC Aperitif Designed by Jade Stone

Jade Stone is driven by a deep passion for the cannabis industry and a desire to see it thrive in a positive and authentic manner. Their dedication to building successful brands stems from the belief that the industry has enormous potential beyond its existing stereotypes.

Ultimately, a successful cannabis brand is one that resonates with consumers on a deep level, fosters trust, and reflects the genuine values and mission of the company.

"You also MUST have great company values and authenticity when creating your brand in cannabis."

By helping cannabis businesses establish strong and distinctive brands, Jade Stone contributes to the industry's legitimacy. They are committed to elevating the industry's image and proving that cannabis can be an integral part of a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. Through her business, Katie is here to make an impactful mark in the world of cannabis.


Contact Jade Stone to begin your branding journey. Katie Motta and her team tailor their services to fit the needs of each client, from custom logos to packaging and more, Jade Stone is here to help. Their commitment to redefining cannabis stereotypes represents how crucial branding is for propelling the industry forward. Break free from overused and cliché branding today by working with Jade Stone!


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