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High Standards

High Standards is a conceptual cannabis and CBD-infused aperitif created by Jade Stone. Designed for refined millennials seeking an alternative to alcohol, this brand elevates your social experience while providing tasteful and natural flavors. To complete the High Standards brand, we created packaging designs for the cans and bottles, their digital presence via website design, photography styling for future product shoots, and printed materials for in-person events.


Brand Naming | Brand Design | Logo Design | Packaging Design | Collateral Design



High Standards - Updated Aperitif Image 01 - Jade Stone Branding_edited.jpg

With its earthy flair and warm color palette, High Standards draws inspiration from the Art Deco movement and nineteenth-century Danish oil paintings.


Our team curated an elegant, tall typeface that paired seamlessly with an icon inspired by the Calla Lilly. We wanted High Standards' packaging to evoke a sense of whimsy and minimalistic opulence.

Inviting and navigable, High Standards' website shows off more than just products. The website boasts a blog that facilitates community engagement, bringing non-alcoholic apertif aficionados together.


We chose to showcase nature-inspired imagery across the site to add dimensionality to High Standards' identity, while bold product pages enable viewers to navigate from shopping to checkout in no time.

Final Remarks

Bathed in "golden hour" light, High Standards' imagery welcomes in a golden age of aperitif alternatives. We focused on creating captivating images where dramatic florals are nuanced by soft, flowing fabrics. Here, grain is used as a signature effect that hearkens back to High Standards' vintage inspirations.

For the High Standards team, we crafted custom business cards that were printed onto luxe matte cotton paper with a smooth, slightly toothy feel. The final result was a monochromatic design showcasing High Standards' logo mark, with a gold foil treatment that enhanced the cards' overall tactility and aesthetic appearance.

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