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Green is the New Green: Going Sustainable in Cannabis

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Despite the long association with cannabis and loving the planet, the commercialization of the cannabis industry has led to increased waste and pollution. Various brands are now searching for ways to truly go green. The modern consumer is considering sustainability as a factor while making purchasing decisions, and cannabis consumers are no exception. Here are our top three questions to consider if you are thinking of going green with your business.

1. Can Sustainability Boost Your Branding?

By prioritizing sustainability, your company can utilize branding that will increase appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Because cannabis is often synonymous with loving and protecting the Earth, sustainability has become an up-and-coming trend within the cannabis community.

On top of helping the planet, consumers have more recognition and trust surrounding your brand if you are being authentic. Ensure that your visual branding highlights your commitment to sustainability in a meaningful way that avoids greenwashing.

Consumers can spot brands that are not as eco-friendly as their packaging indicates. As education and demand for sustainability go up, brands will have to be conscious of how they present themselves if they are making sustainability claims.

Companies like Cosmic View are approaching sustainability in mindful ways throughout their supply chain. Their company ethos is making holistic products by sourcing their cannabis from small, regenerative farms, without any unnecessary chemicals. Cosmic View's branding emphasizes its natural approach by utilizing ethereal packaging designs to better present its products as plant medicine.

2. Are Your Claims Genuine?

As the cannabis industry grows, so has the public concern around the use of energy and water during production. Because of this, cannabis producers and brands are now making sustainability claims and utilizing common eco-friendly imagery in their branding. This is a positive change, but the trends of sustainability can lead to misleading greenwashing.

If you are making a claim, ensure you have legitimate data to back it up! If your new grow facilities are using 25% less water than the traditional methods - prove it. It's not enough to say "we're sustainable" anymore.

If your packaging is made out of biodegradable materials but is using synthetic inks and dyes to color the packaging, you are canceling out the sustainability of your packaging. Make sure you understand which elements of your brand are truly sustainable and continue to educate your consumers on what true sustainability is.

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their choices, and they expect cannabis brands to uphold ethical and sustainable standards. By genuinely committing to environmentally-friendly practices, cannabis brands can build trust, attract loyal customers, and contribute to the overall sustainability of the industry.

3. Are You Being Resourceful?

Blue Sana Packaging preroll tube concept design on a beige background.
Photo by: Guacamole Airplane

Do you find yourself fascinated coming across packaging made of a new eco-material? The demand for sustainable cannabis products has created the opportunity for businesses to discover unique solutions. This has led to the creation of exciting products that appeal to consumers looking for something new and different.

Below are some ways that sustainability can be integrated into your cannabis business:

  • Use green or minimal packaging

  • Ensure traceability of your supply chain

  • Donate to environmental groups

One example is cannabis packaging supplier, Sana, who has developed preroll tubes made entirely out of regenerated ocean plastics. Their company mission is to make products that work in a circular economy, so by providing other cannabis brands with recycled packaging, Sana is able to offer their product to other sustainably-minded companies.


Creating a sustainable cannabis brand is an effective method for success in today's market. Not only does it increase consumer appeal and cultivate brand loyalty, but it also fosters innovation and creativity within the industry. By prioritizing sustainability, brands can ensure future compliance and avoid potential setbacks. Overall, taking a sustainable approach to cannabis production and marketing can help businesses thrive while also protecting the environment and the future of the industry.


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