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Boost your Cannabis Business: Why Hiring a Branding Agency is Crucial

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Are you a business owner struggling to gain traction in the competitive cannabis industry? Have you been relying on your own branding methods with little success? If so, it may be time to consider hiring an agency. Here are our top three reasons why working with a cannabis branding agency is essential for gaining an edge in the modern cannabis industry.

1. How can Agencies Simplify your Branding?

A cannabis branding agency will provide you with a team of professionals to help you promote your cannabis business. Instead of branding decisions made at random, an agency will keep you on track with a well-thought-out strategy, focusing on the long-term. Based on industry expertise, an agency can provide:

  • Visual branding guides

  • Packaging redesigns and samples

  • Custom, optimized websites

  • And so much more

By having a cohesive brand identity, you can build trust and credibility with your customers, and ultimately drive more sales. You get to focus on making a supreme product, while the agency handles how you sell it.

One brand we love for its unified look is Edie Parker's cannabis line, Flower. Within the last couple of years, they have managed to enter the cannabis market with a bold visual brand, utilizing bright colors, floral patterns, and pinstripes. This cohesive look can now be seen and easily recognized in many different retail spaces.

2. Are you a branding expert?

Unfortunately, consumer-friendly tools like Canva are sending the wrong message - That graphic design, branding, and design strategy can be done by anyone at any skill level.

The reality is that branding design and strategy are extremely complex and takes years of knowledge, current market research, and trend-spotting to be done effectively.

Cannabis in particular is a tricky industry as it is constantly evolving, so a cannabis-focused branding agency can help your business keep up with the competition and ensure that your products stand out.

By using their expertise in visual design, an agency can help you create marketing materials that are visually appealing, professional, and effective at driving sales.

If you are a cannabis-infused beverage company CEO with no graphic design background, you should be focusing on what you do best - creating delectable flavor pairings for your drinks. Not spending hours doing graphic design work.

Pro Tip: Research different cannabis agencies to find one that fits your brand's voice and style. The right agency will build off the ideas you already have so you can work together to make a product you love.

3. Are You Investing Wisely?

Logos, packaging, social media, and website design are all essential elements to your cannabis brand, and they all cost $.

In this article from Beauty Independent by Rachel Brown, she invites different entrepreneurs to discuss their costs and branding journeys.

Many of these business owners conclude that branding can be an expensive endeavor, but agreed that a branding agency was necessary for them to have a high-quality result and was well worth the money.

While hiring a well-established agency can be pricy, a reputable agency will be upfront about what their services will cost you, including the small details. This can allow you to budget properly from the beginning.

Make sure to ask for a price breakdown and inquire about potential hidden costs before choosing an agency. If an agency is hesitant about providing this information or is offering prices too good to be true, they may be sacrificing the quality of their work.


By investing in a cannabis branding agency you give your brand the opportunity to flourish through expert guidance. Cannabis is an industry on the rise, and your business deserves the best competitive chance. Have you used a cannabis branding agency? Did you feel that it benefitted your brand? Let us know!


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