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Glisten is a conceptual CBD lip oil brand created by Jade Stone. Designed for feminine adults, this brand romanticizes and adds magic to daily beauty routines. It provides moments of bliss as the miracle lip oil restores lips damaged by the elements. To complete the Glisten brand and create a fully realized experience for its target consumers, we created packaging designs, branded merchandise, a style guide, social media mockups, and conceptual visual merchandising.


Brand Design | Logo Design | Packaging Design | Collateral Design




The main logo for Glisten features the primary type, a modern serif font with a graceful balance of thick and thin line weights. The brand name appears in lowercase letters to maintain a friendly and approachable brand personality. The carefree flow of the weight variations is balanced by the shape of the letterforms, which represent elegance and sophistication.

Glisten's branded apparel adopts a more subtle side of the brand. With simplified designs and colors, Glisten's merchandise redirects attention to where it belongs: the customer.

Glisten's visual merchandising relies on its color and logo to send a crucial message to its consumers: Glisten is sold here. The striking gradients and unmistakable logo provide a stark contrast to the muted colors of typical everyday scenery and are sure to attract both loyal customers and curious prospects.


Whether it be in Nordstrom, Sephora, or on a busy city street, Glisten demands to be noticed. 

Jade Stone - Glisten - Brand Photo V3.jpg

Final Remarks

From the moment customers enter a Glisten retailer, they will be captivated by the shimmering products displayed proudly on a fully customized Glisten display. Enticed by the quality of the product and its stunning design, they head toward the sales counter to purchase the Glisten Collection.


The sales representative will then carefully wrap the products in specialized tissue paper embossed with the Glisten logo, seal it with a shiny Glisten seal, and gingerly place the packaging inside a luxurious Glisten bag. This all serves as a parting gift to Glisten customers to remind them of the spectacular experience Glisten provided.

Glisten's online presence is inspired by the likes of Chanel and Hermès; clean, effortless, and luxurious. Their social media honors their loyal customers by continuously refining the Glisten experience, establishing themselves as a brand their consumers want to represent.


The Glisten feed serves as a tool to show consumers the lifestyle that accompanies their products, which speak for themselves. It's the cherry on top for an extravagant and uplifting affair with the Glisten brand. 

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