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Nephele Luxe is an exquisite CBD-infused perfume & skincare brand that transcends traditional fragrance experiences. With a profound commitment to crafting natural, luxury scents inspired by the essence of the cannabis plant, they have carved a niche in the world of opulent aromas. Each perfume is a celestial symphony, invoking dream-like sensations and elevating the senses to higher realms. Their collection embodies the harmonious marriage of nature and luxury, inviting you to explore a fragrant pathway to serenity and refinement.


Brand Design | Logo Design | Collateral Design



​In their visionary pursuit of expanding into high-end retail environments and fostering collaborations with other luxury brands, CEO Angelika Martinez-McGhee recognized the paramount importance of a cohesive brand identity.

They sought to create a brand identity that resonated with the essence of their opulent CBD-infused perfumes. Encompassing the development of a distinctive logo, a carefully curated color palette, packaging designs that exuded elegance, and a captivating landing page.

We also collaborated to create the Nephele Luxe Brand name. "Nephele" is the Greek Goddess of clouds and we felt this embodied the essence of the brand, alluding to a dreamlike, nature-inspired experience. "Luxe" came naturally as the descriptor for the brand, since they are firmly placed in a luxury space.

From calming nature motifs to sensual fragrances, Nephele Luxe aims to be a pioneer in the functional fragrance space, allowing consumers to have a unique cannabis and CBD experience.

Final Remarks

This comprehensive approach aimed to not only establish a visually compelling presence but also to evoke the celestial and dream-like qualities intrinsic to their products, thereby setting the stage for their seamless integration into prestigious perfumeries and luxury collaborations. Our packaging designs for this project were also recently featured in Design Rush's "Best Cannabis Designs 2024" article. Check out our feature here.

Nephele Luxe is also in the process of creating new beauty and wellness products. Stay tuned for the official launch date to be announced soon.

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