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The Sophisticated Stoner's Summer Gift Guide

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

For the friend with classy rolling papers or the vintage lighter you want to 'borrow', here is our summer gift guide. Elevate your smoking experience with this curated list of cannabis products.*

1. Flyers - CBD Canned Cocktails

Looking for a healthier buzz? These sparkling canned cocktails by Flyers include 20 MG of CBD per can, leaving you feeling uplifted.

Each drink includes full spectrum hemp made into classic-inspired cocktails, including margaritas and Italian spritzes.

Check out Flyer's Party Pack here to kick off your summer.

2. Tetra - Duo Pipe

The Duo pipe by Tetra is a slim, minimalist alternative to a classic pipe. Made of borosilicate glass that does not conduct heat, the Duo packs a smooth punch.

We love the teal and amber colorway for its resemblance to a flower or rose.

Discover Tetra for a high-quality, conversation-starting piece.

3. Goldleaf - The Cannabis Taster Journal

For the bud connoisseur or newbie alike, 'The Cannabis Taster' pocket journal by Goldleaf is for someone discovering their ideal cannabis experience. Inside features include:

  • Templated entry pages

  • Flavor and terpene infographics

  • Sections to log favorite products and dispensaries

Check out Goldleaf here to discover more products that support their mission to end misconceptions around cannabis.

4. Yuyo Botanics - Turmeric Salve

Yuyo brings to you their version of 'tiger balm', a salve featuring turmeric and concentrated hemp extract to soothe sore joints and muscles.

Additionally, this salve uses capsaicin and menthol to create a plant-derived icy-hot effect.

Discover Yuyo Botanics here.

5. Summerland Ceramics - 'The Land Yacht'

Summerland Ceramics brings to you this sculptural bong inspired by the design of luxury yachts.

Each piece made is small-batch with an emphasis on quality design for smooth hits. Additionally, Summerland uses sustainable practices to protect the nature that supports our cannabis use.

As Summerland says on their website: "Sail straight into the high life on The Land Yacht".

6. Bong Appétit - the Cookbook

Keep your menu creative with this cookbook made by the editors of Munchies.

Inside includes 65 sophisticated infused recipes that go beyond typical munchies. Gift this book to your chef-friend to make sure that you'll be eating weed chimichurri at your next dinner party.

Learn more about "Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed" here.

7. Kush Queen - Love Potion No. 9

Melt away stress with this bath bomb by Kush Queen. Love Potion No. 9 includes Delta-9 THC and CBD for a soak inspired by old-school R&B.

Cannabis bath bombs are an excellent way to treat your cannabinoid system for full relief. This bath bomb is also made using bergamot, lavender, and Patchouli essential oils for an elevated experience.

Gift this soothing and sensual experience from Kush Queen's website.

8. Pure Beauty - Mini Preroll Box

Pure Beauty is a cannabis brand focused on growing environmentally friendly cannabis while still having a fun, youthful design. These "infused babies" include five mini sativa joints in an eye-catching paper box.

Enjoy the warm weather with a moderately dosed preroll to keep you uplifted. Discover Pure Beauty's other products on its website.

9. Canna Style - Non-Stick Grinder

Women-owned accessory brand Canna Style bring you their latest grinder featuring a ceramic finish inside and out. This gives the exterior a smooth feel while preventing any herb from sticking clogging the chamber.

These pastel grinders include four chambers in both mini and regular sizes, making them perfect for any flower user looking for an effortless experience.

Check out Canna Style for more.

10. Houseplant - Curvy Ashtray

Houseplant's latest invention is the Curvy Ashtray. This piece serves as a sculpture while also having the ability to hold five joints at once.

Made of layers of green concrete, the curvy ashtray will wear into new color patterns over time. Additionally, the design's deep well will keep your ash secure.

Hand poured by Concrete Cat, each piece is made one of a kind.

11. High on Design - the new Cannabis Culture

High on Design is the modern stoner coffee table book, including brand features and profiles on cannabis entrepreneurs in a sleek, youthful design.

Explore trends and aesthetics in cannabis culture while delving into politics, history, legalization, and society.

Check out High on Design for the creative in your life.

12. Omura - Series X

The Omura Series X is a new kind of whole-flower vaporizer. This sleek device utilizes Omura's patented 'heat-not-burn' technology.

Paired with their Flowersticks to hold your flower, this device will provide an upscale experience that eliminates the harsh burn of smoke.

Learn more about Series X.


We hope you indulge the classy stoner in your life with our Summer Gift Guide. Crack a window, feel the warm breeze, and light the preroll you just gifted to your bestie. Let us know at if you have suggestions of brands or products you'd like to see featured in our Fall Gift Guide!

*Please note, our team has not tried these products yet, but we can't wait to try them all! We are not receiving compensation or commission from your purchases through our blog.


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