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Our Easter Gift Guide

Updated: Apr 15

Easter is right around the corner - and the women at Jade Stone have searched high and low to find the best gifts for our Easter baskets. If you’re looking to combine luxury with cannabis this Easter, this easter gift guide features our top five picks to put in your loved ones' baskets.

1. Lovepot Dried Smokable Bouquet

Bouquet of colorful dried flowers and hemp plant with a pink ribbon

If you’re looking for a unique twist on the traditional Easter bouquet, Lovepot offers a vibrant bouquet for the discerning eye.

This custom bouquet can be smoked or dried for later use. Lovepot recommends using their all-natural CBD leaves in tea, an herbal smoke blend, or an aromatherapy herbal bath. 

Hand-crafted in Las Vegas by their all-woman team, buyers can customize their bouquet’s size, color, and contents.

With less than 0.03% THC, this bouquet is the perfect gift for a friend who needs to relax before the 31st.

2. Rogue Paq Mini Ritual Gift Set

All of the items in the Rogue Paq Mini Ritual Set - 2 Lighters, Matches, Grinder, Scissors, rolling papers and a black bag on a white marble background

Rogue Paq is well-known for its luxury cannabis accessories, and the Mini Ritual Gift Set is no exception. Luxurious and discreet, this pack is perfect for those those looking to elevate their routine.

The set comes in three colors (black, gold embossed, as well as navy blue) and comes with a wide range of accessories. It includes two Rogue Paq matchbooks, one UV glass cannabis storage jar, one gold-toned crane bud trimming scissors, and one packing tool. 

The Mini Ritual Gift set provides a cohesive look for your daily routine. Rogue Paq’s set is available to purchase on their website, along with their other luxury products.

3. High On Design: New Cannabis Culture

High on Design book cover

If you’re interested in the art of luxury cannabis marketing, purchase High on Design. Published by Gestalten and edited by Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi, this book explores the aesthetics, people, and trends of contemporary cannabis culture.

High on Design traces marijuana's use in Western subculture and how several entrepreneurs are taking advantage of cannabis’ integration into the luxury market.

With a 4.8 rating on Amazon, High on Design offers a broader look into the new cannabis culture. According to one reviewer: “It showcases trendsetters and innovators, and the space where brand identity and design help elevate a once taboo product.”

High on Design is available for purchase through Amazon as well as Gestalten’s website.

4. Budewell Classic One-Hitter Pipe

Budwell Classic One Hitter Pipe in black in the front pocket of a gray/black jean jacket

For the friend who needs to be discrete before the family gathering, Budwell’s Classic One Hitter Pipe is the perfect disguise. Buddy is the “black denim jacket” of pipes for a sleek, modern experience.

An improvement on previous iterations of the product, the Buddy has a longer length and a deeper bowl that holds 3-5 puffs.

Budwell’s pipe has a brushed, satin finish and a two-piece design for easy cleaning. Buddwell also offers customers the ability to write a personal message on the pipe.

5. Field Trip Botanical Rolling Papers

Field Trip Botanical Rolling Papers set featuring green illustrations of a cannabis sativa plant on the rolling paper

A tribute to plant lovers and eco-conscious consumers, Field Trip’s organic rolling papers are the perfect way to celebrate nature. Each package contains twelve printed rolling papers with a minimalistic sativa plant illustration.

The sheets are crafted with pure organic rice paper and printed with a natural, plant-based ink. Each sheet is with a completed vegan arabic gum adhesive.

If a rolling paper isn’t the right gift for your loved ones, their website has a wide selection of accessories, gift wraps, themed sets, and more!


5. Field Trip Rolling Papers

Which products are you excited to try? What luxury products do you hope to find in your Easter basket? Leave a comment below.

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