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Five More Minutes

Five More Minutes is a conceptual luxury sleep brand, meticulously crafted by Jade Stone Branding. Five More Minutes was created to transform the way we indulge in restful slumber. With an unwavering commitment to redefining the art of self-care, Five More Minutes creates a lavish assortment of CBD-infused products that elevate the act of sleeping into a cherished ceremony. From enchanting tinctures and delectable gummies to captivatingly scented candles and soothing pillow sprays, each creation is a testament to their devotion to making bedtime a truly opulent experience.


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The Five More Minutes logo was carefully crafted, combining elegance with meaningful symbolism. It features a graceful script font that conveys a timeless sense of beauty, complemented by a subtle cloud icon. We chose this font to allude to the twists and turns a good dream can have, from the beginning to the end, and how a good night's sleep can create a new experience every night.

The Five More Minutes features soft blues, vibrant purples, and soothing pinks. This selection of colors was chosen with a deliberate focus on women, as they are disproportionately affected by insomnia, being twice as likely to experience it as men.

 By blending these hues, we aim to create an uplifting and empowering atmosphere that resonates with those seeking a restful yet inspiring sleep experience.

The packaging design for various Five More Minutes products incorporates a range of icons, each carefully selected to convey the product's unique purpose. For instance, the "Sleep Well" tincture features icons of an eye mask and moons, suggesting a deep and restful sleep. Other products in the collection include icons like clouds, stars, alarm clocks, and sheep, thoughtfully integrated to intuitively represent their intended use.

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Final Remarks

Complementing the sleep-focused product line, we've also introduced a range of lifestyle products to elevate the overall sleeping experience. This collection includes a dream journal that invites individuals to capture their nighttime visions and inspirations, as well as a thoughtfully designed bed set to enhance comfort and style in the bedroom.


These additional offerings were created to extend the product line and provide holistic solutions that help people enjoy a better night's sleep and embrace the entire sleep environment as an essential component of their well-being.

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