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Website Design & Development

A custom website is a smart investment for any brand looking to stand out in the digital space, especially in the cannabis and CBD sector. With a custom design, your website will not only look visually stunning but also provide a seamless user experience that reflects your brand's unique values and goals. From the initial concept and design to the development and launch, Jade Stone will be there to deal with the intricacies of the project, so you can focus on your business. With a custom website design and development, you are investing in a digital asset that will elevate your brand and attract high-end clients for years to come.

Our Website Services

Website Design

  • Custom UX/UI Website Designs

  • Initial Wireframing

  • Website Design Mockups

  • Color Hierarchy

  • Font Systems

  • ADA color compliance

  • Website Copywriting/Editing

  • Photography & Art Direction

Website Development

  • Mobile & Tablet Responsiveness

  • Back-End Setup

  • Plugin Research and Recommendations

  • Website Maintenance Plans​

  • Basic SEO Included

  • E-Commerce

  • Back-End Training and Walkthroughs

Our Work

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Our Website Process

Our website design and development process is a comprehensive and iterative approach that focuses on creating a website that reflects our clients' unique brand identity, vision, and goals. Our process is collaborative, transparent, and client-focused, ensuring that our clients receive a custom website that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.


Project Launch Meeting

We begin all of our new projects by first meeting with you and your team to gain a deep understanding of the wants, needs, desires, and aspirations of your brand and business.

This also includes reviewing your current or proposed functionality, plugins, and marketing systems.


This involves engaging in thoughtful and candid conversations for roughly 30-60 minutes, exploring your tastes and preferences, and discovering the essence of your unique style.


Discovery Decks

Once this understanding has been established, the next step is for us to engage in a process of research and exploration, delving into the different aspects of your website design that would benefit your overall goals.


We will then present you with 2 unique discovery decks for you to choose from. These decks can include, but are not limited to:

  • The overall website look and feel in a mood board

  • Home page layout ideas

  • Color hierarchy/color palette

  • Typography and typography system in use

  • Brand graphics/icon styling

  • CTA button styling

  • Competitor research and profiles

  • And more...


Initial Drafts

Once you choose your final direction, and provide feedback if necessary, we will utilize this information to create the preliminary design sketches for your website pages. We will design these drafts for both desktop and mobile.

We will then go through the set number of revisions included in your package and refine these designs if needed.

Once the final iteration designs are approved, we'll move on to the development phase.



Depending on the choice of platform (WordPress vs. Shopify, etc.) this process may differ, however, typically we will start by creating your platform profile, and choosing a plan for your hosting, URL, email, etc.

Then we will begin developing the website for desktop first. Once all pages have been developed on desktop, we will send you the test site for review.

Once approved, we will continue developing the site for both mobile and tablet views. Afterward, we will start putting together the necessary functionality for launching the site including setting up security, connecting the URL to the site, setting up email forms, and more.

Then, your brand new site will be launched.

Book a consultation today to get in the queue for our exclusive design calendar.

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