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Allow us to introduce you to DabScience, your destination for pure, potent, and perfected concentrates, oils, and more. DabScience is a startup brand that needed a logo design, tagline, brand strategy, visual identity, and packaging design.



Brand Design & Strategy | Logo Design | Product Naming & Taglines | Packaging Design


JSB_DS_Gridded Box Mockup01.png

This logo concept takes a bespoke and academic approach to DabScience’s new identity. Our designers were inspired by old-world alchemy and Prohibition-era design trends. Meaningful alchemy symbols are infused within the delicate linework and vintage elements are combined with a pop of modern color.


From the combination of bold yellow-orange and dark blue to the contrast between the striking font and delicate flourishes, DabScience’s packaging incorporates a thoughtful mix of design elements to make the packaging stand out from its competition on the shelves.

Inside flaps read "Where Luxury" on the left and "Meets Science" on the right, giving the consumer a welcome, unique surprise. The bright interior pattern also attracts to customer's eye as contrasted to the dark exterior.

We also created the tagline for DabScience "Purity with Purpose, Potency Perfected" to highlight the quality and care that goes into the creation of the brand's products.

12-15-22 Story A.jpg

Final Remarks

The DabScience brand is just getting started. We are working on finalizing the full brand identity package for DabScience, including a brand book with brand strategy, visual identity, business cards, and website design.


We're also in the process of developing the packaging for their new Vape and Gummy products launching in New Jersey.


Stay tuned for more coming in Summer 2024.

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